Interview with Bushkin: Heartless Crew Getting Back Together

MC Bushkin drops the bomb that the Heartless Crew are getting back together for a special reunion tour across the UK.

The Heartless Crew were a legendary collective of MC’s and DJ’s made up primarily of MC’s Bushkin and Mighty Moe and DJ Fonti, as well as noteworthy peripheral members, who rose to the very top of the UK Garage music scene in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

Bushkin explains why he dropped the bombshell on his Instagram page a couple days before this interview took place that a Heartless Crew reunion tour was going to take place. He says that it was like being a football manager, trying to get all the pieces in place.

A trip to Jamaica made Bushkin think family comes first and now was the time. Too many people have been asking him about it over the years so he knew the demand would be very high.

Fonti, Mighty Moe and Buskhin together on stage for the first time in years will be legendary. Start getting hyped NOW.

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